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Every BLOCKY DOGS® collar is custom handmade, built with materials designed to stand up to the
intensity of the heavy-duty breed dogs. Your dog is sure to enjoy a BLOCKY DOGS® collar for years!
How long will a BLOCKY DOGS® Collar last? Click Here

Collar Price is the same regardless of size *
Leash Pricing       Shipping

2" Width:    $64.70
1.5" Width: $54.50

1" width: $33.50

2" Width:    $83.20
1.5" Width:

2" Width: $95.00
1.5" Width: $85.00

* We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Get $10 off the price of each collar you order if you've "Liked" us on FaceBook.

Type "Liked Blocky Dogs on FaceBook" in the Special Instructions box when you order.
Your discount will be reflected on the email confirmation containing the total amount due.

1” CenterStripe ADD $12 to collar price.

SPLIT-Stripes ADD $15 to collar price.

RACING Stripes ADD $15 to collar price.

PRODUCTION TIME - more details on FAQs page

All BLOCKY DOGS® products are individually handmade. Production time has recently been reduced and we are working toward reducing it even further. Production is currently running at an estimated 60-75 days from the date payment is received (this timeframe varies -- you may check in for updates along the way once your order is in the production line).
Note: Plain Regular Flat Collars (without stripes or embroidery) can be produced in less time.

EMBROIDERY FOR COLLARS (Embroidery is not available for leashes)

Name up to 8 letters or one phone number $16
Name of 9 letters or more -- starts at $20 and goes up
Name + phone number together* starts at $24 and goes up
*If name and phone number are placed on separate areas on collar, the price is $18 for each.
Maximum of 20 characters on flat collars – number of characters that will fit on BLOCKY DUAL Grips is dependent on collar size.

Use the Special Instructions box during ordering
to indicate designs and colors and placement

Placed on 1.5" or 2" width Collar
1" centerStripe
Special Instructions
$15 ea
List which two colors you would like:
1. Crown _______2. Jewels _______
Skull-n-Cross Bones
$15 ea

Note either "Traditional" or two colors you would like, i.e. Skull-n-Bones _____; Eyes/Nose _____.
Butterfly: Mia Style
$15 ea
Be sure to list colors you would like as 1. Outer edges of wings _____ and 2. Insides of wings ____. If upper will be different than lower, please be specific.
              Panga Style
$15 ea
Be sure to list colors you would like or "just like Panga's"
USMC logo (on patch)
$15 ea
Patch material will be matched to collar unless otherwise specified
Celtic Protection Knot
$10 ea.
$6.00 ea.
 Design of knot is as shown in photo galleries only
Clover (3-leaf or 4-leaf)
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
Dog Bones
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
Fleur De Lis
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
Paw Print
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
$8 ea.
$4.00 ea.
 List which two colors you would like: 1. Center circle_____ 2. Rays ______

Standard 6-foot leash - 1" width
Choice of Stainless Steel or Solid Brass snap at collar end. $28
: Quick-release locking snap at collar end is $10 more

6 FT, 3-WAY ADJUSTABLE — 1” width
Choice of Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Trigger Snaps at BOTH ends $32
Quick-Release Locking Snap in end that attaches to collar $42
(choice of either stainless steel or solid brass trigger snap in handle end)

LOCK-N-LEAD — 1” width
Choice of Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Trigger Snaps in Handle and Traffic Lead $40
Addition of a second Quick-Release Locking Snap in Traffic Lead Add $10

18" TRAFFIC LEAD - 1" width
Choice of Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Trigger Snap $14
Quick-Release Locking Snap $21

BLOCKY DOGS® ships anywhere in the world! Shipping and handling within the U.S.A. is $6-$10; To Canada or Overseas starting at $32. Depending on number of items

NOTE: If you are located outside of the U.S.A. please be sure to check our Notice for Foreign buyers here


Located in the USA

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Custom-made Heavy-duty collars for Heavy Duty dogs: sturdy nylon collars for large and giant breed dogs, for working dogs, for powerful breed dogs. Difficult to find sizes, withstand wear and pull that easily snap other collars.
Two inch and one and a half inch widths with all top-of-the-line stainless steel and solid brass hardware.