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Law Enforcement K9 Collars
Two widths: 1.5”-width or 2”-width.  
Three collar styles:
  • Regular Flat Collar
  • D-Above-Buckle Style Collar (designed so the main D-ring does not clang against the buckle!)
Although there are hundreds of K9 dogs wearing BLOCKY DOGS® collars, Inca, from Massillon is unique. He is the only Dogo Argentino breed K9 in the U.S.A., certified as a dual purpose K-9 Unit.
Learn more about Inca.
Choose a base color in either width then add a CenterStripe to match your department (or create your own combination). 24 stripe colors to choose from.

Embroidery can be done in just about any color you can think of. In addition to the examples below, you can see 5 more pages of K9 collars in our K9 collars Gallery

Embroidery on collars and stripes:
Name/lettering only of eight letters or less $16

Name/lettering only of eight letters or more $18 and up.

When lettering is separated by a badge, price is dependent on number of letters. Ex: POLICE K9 (badge) ROCCO (See other samples below)


Whether you have a single K9 or a whole team, we can outfit them! Though each collar is individually handmade, we have the capability of outfitting entire K9 teams in matching collars. The photo below shows a few of the 40+ collars made for the Illinois State Police.

Collars can all be the same, or individualized,
as the collars on the right show.

A badge/shield can be added to any collar. Badges are sewn on patch material matching the base color of the collar then affixed to the collar during construction. We will match your department as closely as possible, though due to the reduced size, fine details will be removed.

Our embroiderer has most badge shapes in stock designs. If the embroiderer has to create a badge style that is not a stock design there is an additional design fee.

At the bottom of this page are the badge/shield shapes and styles we've done. If you don’t see your badge shape, just email and ask (providing a photo is always helpful) and we will let you know if we can do it.

Prices for badges start at $10.

To add a badge to your order, just use the special instructions message box on the order form. If there is a collar from this page or the K9 gallery that you are referencing, note the city, state, or the dog’s name on the collar, then detail the wording to be in each rocker panel of the badge, and thread color preference. (Generally, badges are Golden Yellow or Silver-Gray and outlined in black).

BLOCKY DOGS®. will only put badges/shields and the phrasing of K9, K-9, Police K9 and similar on collars for dogs affiliated with law enforcement. Proof of affiliation will be asked for if not provided at the time your order is placed.

To save you the time of looking for your badge shape in the photo galleries, below are photos of most of the stock badges we've previously done. Any of the designs below can have colors altered (silver-gray or golden yellow) and lettering for your department would be placed in the rocker panels. If you see your badge shape below, just note the city on your order form in the Special Instructions box, i.e. badge shape like Oak Island. And then list color preference and lettering for top rocker, center circle, bottom rocker, etc.

Click on grouping of images above or below to see larger view


Located in the USA

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Custom-made Heavy-duty collars for Heavy Duty dogs: sturdy nylon collars for large and giant breed dogs, for working dogs, for powerful breed dogs. Difficult to find sizes, withstand wear and pull that easily snap other collars.
Two inch and one and a half inch widths with all top-of-the-line stainless steel and solid brass hardware.